1. Thank you cindersk for your most excellent suggestion. As you know, Mr. Kent is from another country so I already have that box ticked, so to speak. Unless you meant a different country. Like say, Canada.

  2. misslonelyclub:

    Miss Jennette for Models in the Morning / Polaroid 600 Film

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  3. Fucket list revised

    I had a number of inquiries regarding what was on the old fucket list, so here was the old list:

    1. a sexual act in public
    2. another MFF threesome
    3. a MMF threesome

    That’s a 100% success rate. I feel like I have achieved something good in the world. Now do we revisit the same things again? Or do we try for something new? Just brainstorming some ideas, there could be:

    • foursome (MMFF)
    • fivesome (MMFFF)
    • sex in front of others (without swapping partners)
    • kissing girls
    • kissing girls
    • kissing girls
    • sexy photoshoot with friends

    Mr. Kent, what else could we add?

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  6. "I did not wash my breasts
    for they had
    the warmth of your hands

    I did not wash my hands
    for they had
    the sounds of your body."
    — Soares Feitosa (via vvolare)

    (via slutmau5)

  9. slutmau5:

    I got accidentally drunk last night…(wine can sneak up on you!)

  10. This week’s crush list; something old and something new.

    1. slutmau5 - hello new person and fellow boobatarian :)
    2. ozpett - vive the vulvalution!
    3. mrdavidkent - my love, as always
    4. burgstrum - welcome mister!
    5. homemadexraymachine - top 5, nice work
    6. takehertooz - bring on Saturday!
    7. dirtyberd - hello lovely woman of loveliness
    8. smartgirlslovesextoo - I expect this is a first for you! Woohoo.
    9. mynameismister-j - well hello there!

    Hooray for boobs!