1. Friday Delights (deux)

    This morning, just out of the shower, he dried himself methodically and thoroughly. I like to watch him dry, because every sinew and muscle moves in turn. I asked if I could touch his penis. His pubic hair is growing back and he hasn’t been waxed in a little while. I stroked the fine blonde hair on his balls, and gave his cock little kisses. I inhaled. A freshly showered cock is so fragrant, to the point where my mouth begins to water. I felt it swell in my hand, against my lips, so I asked if maybe I could just suck it a little. I asked this in a quiet whisper of a voice. He told me we really should be getting to work but it would be ok if I popped it in my mouth for a little while. The room was lit beautifully with the pale yellow light of morning and at that point in time, it was just me and his cock. I let my lips slip over the head, felt his foreskin retracting. The taste was exquisite. Skin plus. I was gentle and purposeful, slow. I used my tongue and lips and felt his body twitch and noticed his fingers were motionless, mid shirt button. It was only a minute in time. A beautiful minute where I was lost in my efforts. I wish I could have spent longer there, with him standing in front of me. Instead, he eased his still-erect cock inside his Calvin Kleins and the push towards work continued.

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  4. Roused


    No feral beast has sharper teeth
    nor bites with greater greed
    than this which has been stirred in me—
    this unrepentant need—
    and you are right to tremble child,
    for it’s on you he’ll feed.

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  8. It’s Fridge Friday and Stoya is here to make FF full of delight. 

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  9. Friday Delights


    Friday morning running late? What do you do?

    A) don’t bother with the shower
    B) skip breakfast
    C) get your wife to suck your cock while you button your shirt

    Multi-tasking wins every time.

    I volunteer as tribute.


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    how long would you survive eating nothing but ass

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