1. Here we have the fridge of ahoycalicojack and the Girl.

    Jack says, “Our fridge/freezer, humbly submitted. It makes a great read!”

    Jack and the Girl

    Jack is correct. Those fridge magnets are a great read!
  3. Our next submission for Fridge Friday belongs to thecheekyplace. This is what she has to say about her fridge. “My fridge is an heirloom of sorts. In fact it’s been around since 1978ish, older than me. It belonged to my grandmother, it then was my parent’s second fridge and it’s come to me in my apartment living. It weighs more than an elephant, took 4 movers to get it into its present home and when I move on May 1st it is not coming with me. Most of those magnets are as old as me or near that. My fridge is covered in sketches I’ve done, my favorite recipes and little snippets of poems.”

    Happy fridge friday! 

  4. Here we have a quirky picture of the fridge belonging to Nudus Foris. Some would expect that his fridge would be bare, much like his body, but it is adorned with a wise message: you are important.

  6. (Source: thesuperbrutes, via thestreel)

  7. This fine specimen of a fridge belongs myself and mrdavidkent. The entire fridge is covered postcards from art galleries all over the place. There is also a lock of Mr. Kent’s hair, pre-chemotherapy.


  8. Fridge Friday commences!

    Buckle up fridge jockeys, you’re in for a wild ride!